Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My cake and an Update

Ok yeah it is totally not fair that I have not blogged in forever.  Even though I am cooking, I cook the same stuff over and over again. So there is really nothing new to blog about. Besides, now that I am just a little over a month away from my due date, cooking is not my  #1 priority. Partly because of backaches... I can't even chop an onion without feeling the strain :( I must say that I did make an amazing Lasagna last night, but we devoured it without any pictures. The urge to cook is always there. The urge to bake however is not... I wish it were because all I am craving is something sweet this entire pregnancy.

My best friend got together and threw me a Brunch where all my beautiful girlfriends showed up. There was laughter, love, joy and a lot of togetherness.  It was really something special.  To top it off, I had a cake! Which was from Whole Foods, a Chocolate Ganache Cake with a ganache filling. It was ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!!!!!

So what I am going to do here, is post some pictures, and drool a little remembering this cake.. and make you drool a little while you view it too. Below is a picture of the delicious French Toast that I ordered.

I will be back with bigger and better recipes.. but unfortunately it will probably be in a few months. I do however intend to update from time to time with pictures of the random sweet things that I eat to keep you all entertained. :)