Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heather's Roast Beef: Dinner Party Favorite!

There is nothing better than going over to your best friends house for a dinner party. Heather loves to cook, and she is damm good at it. So when she invited me and the hubs over for some games, gab and food- We were in !!! Besides, what pregnant lady would refuse delicious food?? For once, I got to eat it all without having to clean it all! She also has a fabulous blog (nope, not a cooking blog) Well Take A LooK at That, that is entertaining with lots of random internet goodies.

Ok so here is Heather's Dinner Party AMAZING Roast Beef. Go on, make it at your next dinner party, I guarantee it will be a success as it was at hers!

"Well hello there, my fellow Addicted readers! I’m so honored Resh has asked me to put together a post for my roast beef dinner! I recently moved into a new apartment and as it turns out, my roommate and I both love cooking. We thought it would be great to have a nice little dinner party and of course, Resh was at the top of the guest list.
So, to start, we had a baked brie covered in garlic and honey, it was perfection. Next up was a salad of mixed greens, mandarin oranges, crunchy snap peas and glazed walnuts. For our main course I prepared a roast beef. It was my first go at a roast and I had to call my grandmother for advice so much of the credit is due to her. This was also my first trip to the butcher! This is important because the recipe itself is simple as can be, it’s really the meat that matters. So without further ado…

Roast Beef
3.5 to 4lb top sirloin roast beef
3 cloves of garlic
You’ll want to brown the meat on the stove top, on all side for about 6-8 minutes total, you can do it in the same pan you intend to roast in (which works best to retain all the juices and flavor), and then let it sit for a bit. I cut up the cloves into wedges and then made small slits all around the meat, sticking the garlic in. Throw some salt, pepper and thyme on there, set your oven to 450 and pop that puppy in. It’s done in about an hour. That’s it! Bam!
For sides; I roasted whole baby red potatoes with olive oil and lots of Parmesan cheese in the oven with the beef for about 40 minutes. And asparagus using the method Resh has posted previously.
And finally for dessert, fondue! We had chocolate fondue served with strawberries, bananas (super important tip- freeze the bananas first and cut into large chunks, otherwise they’ll just fall into the gloop, like ours did.) and marshmallows with graham crackers.

Hope you all enjoy, and thanks Resh for the special spot!"

You are welcome Heather! :)

Oh and did I tell you guys that I won the Wii bowling? I did! And I didn't even want to play! hah!