Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grill Me Baby! Sharon's Chicken and My Salsa

Tell me, what are beautiful summer days like? For me, its the perfect temperature, there is a slight breeze, the food is scrumptious and the company is great!!! We visited our friends over the July 4th weekend. to enjoy a swim, conversation and relaxation. There is nothing better than sitting by the pool eating some salsa and enjoying your delicious meal. I believe that particular Sunday to be especially wonderful because my friend Sharon sizzled the yummy chicken and veggies over the grill. I couldn't stop eating. You know you are eating some goooooooood stuff when people start coming up to you and say "wow that smells delicious!" Of course, I had to have the recipe!

I couldn't just eat and not tell others how to make this. I need to tell you all about this simple recipe... but before I do so, I want to add that I made some kick-ass salsa and it was the perfect compliment to her mouth-watering chicken. This recipe is so simple that I am almost ashamed to tell you: but I will, because I am all about easy cookin'.

Basic Salsa
1 Onion
1 Tomato
1/2 bunch of cilantro
One fresh lime
Salt to taste
Chop everything up. Dice it nice and tiny. Mix in the fresh lime and add salt. Blend well and eat with chips. Oh and you can add jalapeno for some extra pep!!!

Savory Chicken & Vegetable BBQ
So now that you guys have a fabulously easy recipe for a summer appetizer, I am going to pass you over to Sharon. She is a wonderful writer & a podiatrist. Sharon blogs about many things such as, movies, restaurant reviews and podiatry (though more recently the food she cooks!) She calls this Savory Chicken and Vegetable BBQ. Though for me, its going to be the best damm grilled chicken I have ever had. Truly. No biases.
Her other blogs include:

One gorgeous photo of her chicken... make it for your next BBQ and don't forget to tell me about it!!!! Oh, and how did you all celebrate your 4th of July, did you have a beautiful summer day like I did? ;)


  1. Thank You Resh! I actually tried making your one of a kind "kick-ass salsa" and it didn't have the Midas Touch... or in this case the Reshma Touch.. LOL..
    But that Salsa on July 4th weekend was soooooo amazing! It was perfect and so simple. I'll have to keep practicing to get it just right!

  2. Good recipes for a summer barbeque. Homemade salsa is just the best -- so much more flavorful than anything store-bought. I had to celebrate the 4th on the 5th of July because it was only then that I could gather all my expat friends together. It's not really a holiday that the Brits like to acknowledge ;)

    Thanks also for sharing some new blogs.

  3. Summer sure is beautiful here in Cleveland,not too hot,just right :D
    Love the basic salsa with chips,the simplest appetizer.And the grilled chicken is best taste of the season :D

  4. Hey girls!! glad you all are enjoying your summer.

    Cucinista: i also celebrated on July 5th. I hope it was fun.

    Yasmeen: sounds like you guys are having a great summer

    Lal: yaaay for perfecting the salsa!!!!

    Sofia: how is the weather by you?

  5. I made your Kick-Ass Salsa today, and it turned out amazing!
    I think I remembered what I didn't do the first time... I used my fingers! :) I remembered what you said. Thanks Resh!

  6. Thats true..its heavanly to have a poolside food with a good company..and summer...enjoying ?
    btw,your salsa tempts me for a dip

  7. Resh seems like ur enjoying ur summers..great its monsoons here...n I m enjoyin tht as of now :)

  8. First time here!! loved it :)

  9. The salsa looks so delicious, and it seems easy to make, thanks for sharing.


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