Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stuffed Peppers

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So, back to the recipe at hand:
I am sure that there are many different types of dishes that you personally have not yet tried. I €don't mean that you haven't tried them yet because you haven't visited the country. It could be a dish at a Chinese restaurant that you never ever order, but wonder what it would taste like? That's how I felt with Stuffed Peppers.

Actually, the first time I saw it being cooked, I drooled just watching them simmer. Israel introduced me to this easy-to-stuff quick meal that was mouth watering from start to finish. My husband's grandfather insisted that we eat proper dinner every night when we visited, and we started with Stuffed Peppers. It took me a while after eating this dish for the first time to make it again in my home. I tried to find an Israeli version of this, but was unsuccessful. After a few trials & errors this recipe has perfected itself. Its hearty and I have learned to add a variety of veggies to it so that the taste doesn't bore us. I am going to try making this with couscous and fresh veggies for all my vegetarian friends, so look out for that.
I know that there are many variations to this dish, any ideas would be welcome :)
Enjoy. Perfect for a Monday night meal.

Stuffed Peppers
2 medium green peppers
1/2 lb of ground beef or chicken
1/2 cup cooked white rice
2 cloves crushed garlic
1/2 cup chopped veggies (mushrooms, carrots, squash)
1 tspn italian seasonings
1 medium chopped onion
2 tblspn Worcestershire sauce
1 cup tomato sauce
Salt & Pepper to taste


Remove and discard the tops, seeds, and membranes of the bell peppers. Steam the bell peppers till slightly mushy ( about 10 mins ) and place in a baking dish. In a medium sauce pan, heat up a tablespoon of vegetable oil and sautee garlic and onions together till the onions are soft and translucent. Add the veggies and spices and sautee the vegetables till the mushrooms give off some liquid. To this, add the ground meat along with salt & pepper. Mix all and brown the meat for about 10 minutes. Add tomato sauce and let the mixture come to a slow boil. Remove from heat, mix in rice and add the worcestershire sauce. Blend well and stuff into each pepper. If desired, top with cheese and bake 10 minutes on 350, otherwise dive in!


  1. I love stuffed peppers and these look so delicious.

  2. Hi have a wonderful blog with full of info...Will peek here whenever I feel hungry or in need of some food stuff for dinner.. thanks for sharing the tips..;)

  3. wow those stuffed peppers look delicious!!!!!!

  4. I am glad that you all enjoyed the recipe. It actually is a good recipe to "hide" veggies that other family members dont eat but its good for you , ex: spinach :)

  5. I made a veggie version of stuffed peppers once, but didn't enjoy them much. I think yours look much better!

  6. i wonder why the veggie version didnt come out so great? i am going to try with couscous, but i am sure one can make this with paneer and gobi too :) the idea sounds good, hopefully it will taste good too


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